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Jiudongtian Cave 6 Arch 2-China

Jiudongtian Cave 6 Arch 2-China

Guizhou Province. The Jiudongtian Area is also known as Nine Viewed Caves where, as the name suggests, the Liuchong River flows through a series of nine caves. The river is also known as Guazhong Underground River. The scenic area is on the border Nayone and Dafang Counties near to Mao Chang Town. Boat trips can be taken through the cave system. If the water level is high enough the boats may be able to reach the 6th cave where there are two large natural bridges close together. However, it is also possible to get to them by a concrete walkway from the boat dock at the 4th cave.

The bridge has a span of 32 m and a height of about 65,5 m.
UTM Coordinates: NABSQNO 48R 533715 - 2982067 (approximation)

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