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Doppelfelstor beim Ungeheuerfelsen-Germany

Doppelfelstor beim Ungeheuerfelsen-Germany

Southwest of the village of Dahn on the Dahner Felsenfad we find this double rock gate.
In Dahn drive the street "Im Büttelwoog" to the end and park at building number 48.
Continue along the road for about 100 m. Then the Dahner Felsenpfad branches off to the left, which runs parallel to the farm track.
After another approx. 100 m you reach the double arch.

It's dimensions: Span: 2,80 m; Height: 1,15 m.
  Span: 1,10 m; Height: 1,00 m.
UTM Coordinates: 32U 409531 5443605

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