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Felsentor beim Sommerfelsen-Germany

Felsentor beim Sommerfelsen-Germany

To the north of the town of Gräfenhausen in Rhineland-Palatinate, near the summer rock, you can find this rock gate.
In Gräfenhausen-Annweiler am Trifels, park at the sports field on Waldstraße (32 U 424450 5453127). From there a path leads towards Eusserthal, first in a north-easterly direction, then to the west and finally in a northerly direction. After about 1 km, take the sharp left turn-off. After about 1.2 km and about 120 meters in altitude you have reached the rock gate.

It's dimensions: Span: 4.3 m; Height: 2.8 m.
UTM coordinates: 32 U 424275 5453607

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